Praise the LORD JESUS! It is an honor and a privilege to share the greatness of our GOD in operation through Rev. Yo! This highly anointed, holy woman of GOD has been impactful, influential and inspiring to all who are blessed to make contact with the GOD in her! She is impactful in that she is results oriented; reaching and teaching the lost, young and seasoned, with the power of JESUS CHRIST at work through her lifting and loving souls into the Kingdom. She is influential in that she touches the lives of countless individuals leading them gently and tenderly into personal relationships with JESUS CHRIST.
By GOD’s grace, she is salt to the earth and light in the world. She is inspiring as a Leader, a Disciple, a Co-laborer, a Prayer Warrior, a Confidant and a Friend! Everything GOD places in her hands to do, she inspires others to want to partner with her! Her zeal for reaching and teaching our youth is inspiring! Her desire to fulfill her projects and reach her goals is inspiring! We are so blessed to have this incredible woman of GOD in our lives and rest assured that this labor of love that you, by GOD’s grace, will read, hear and view will literally bless your lives and the lives of the young people that the LORD desires for her to reach!

Dr. Ralph A. Martino, Sr.Senior Pastor, First Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Yolanda Sampson served faithfully for several years as the Minister of Youth and Children at Takoma Park Baptist Church in Washington DC. Her energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and genuine love for young people was, and is, a constant in helping her to connect in a relevant way to the lives of children and youth. Her message on the power of forgiveness is much needed, not only for youth and children, but for all ages.

Pastor Ernest Trice, Sr.Senior Pastor, Takoma Park Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Myself and the Board of Directors of Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center would like to thank you for the impact that you brought to our children during you visit to Panama. Your creativity while teaching our children on the gift of walking in love, obedience and FORGIVENESS is something that would long impact their life and certainly make a difference in their relationship with parents, family and friends. Your teaching was a stepping stone that we are still building on as we encourage our children at the Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center to walk in love and forgiveness in order to live a life that is pleasing to our God.
Certainly, the fruit of the 24 children that accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Savior will abound to your account as a reward to your kindness and love extended here to needy children.We thank you for ministering not only to the children at the CF Panama FC but also at the Coco Solo Shelter, the SOS Orphanage and the Children’s Church at Centro Biblico Morada Santa Church. We ask the Lord continued blessings upon you and your ministry and pray that the Lord will guide your steps back to Colon, Republic of Panama in the near future! -Panama City, Panama

Minister Sandra Serena SergentFounder & President of Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center for Children, Panama City, Panama

“I recently attended the Finishing the Task conference which focused upon getting the Gospel to unreached, unengaged people groups.  There was prayer and brainstorming to find deeper commitments and innovative approaches to ‘go make disciples of all nations.’  Without a doubt, the creative approaches and dynamic products offered through GO Y.O. Worldwide are answers to those prayers. Vibrant enthusiasm showered by the Holy Spirit characterizes the gifts Sister Y.O. brings to her puppet characters.  When she brings her puppet friends to life, they speak life transforming wisdom that will encourage and delight. I welcome them back and look forward to introducing them to the next generation.

Ollis J. Mozon, Jr.Director of Oral Learning, Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), Oceanside, California